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Activate Boundless Energy, Perform at Your Peak as You Reverse Age to Look and Feel Your Best While Living a Life of Purpose and Meaning with Vitality and Joy Here on the Longevity Summit. 

Welcome, I’m Dr. Melissa Petersen, founder of the Human Longevity Institute and host of the Longevity Summit. I believe that you were born to flourish and thrive by design! 

Embedded within your DNA lies the key, your life code with infinite intelligence ready to ignite new states of health and wellbeing.  Over the course of this event, I along with more than 65 of today’s longevity leaders will share what is possible in looking, feeling and living your life to the fullest.

Get ready to see how the latest cutting-edge science and technology, pair with ancient wisdom and teachings to offer up modern solutions so you can Thrive by design starting today and lasting to 150 and beyond.

The Longevity Summit is dedicated to telling a new story, one of potential and possibility. One of health, happiness and optimized living.

You see, longevity isn’t about aging- it’s about LIVING a thriving life at every age and every stage beginning 120 days before you are ever born.  

Tune in now- grab your ticket and discover what is fully possible for YOU.

In Limitless Possibilities,

Dr. Melissa



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